World Food Day Celebrations

Start Date:16-Oct-2022

End Date:21-Oct-2022

Location:12 project villages of SARVAM


SARVAM conducted activities for over 500 people, including around 300 students and 200 women, on World Food day.  Group discussions, role play and questions and answers about eating healthy food were part of the celebrations.

World Food Day is celebrated every year globally on October 16.  The day also marks the anniversary Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations in 1945.

 The day is marked to celebrate the amazing food we eat every day and spread awareness about those who struggle to get even one meal a day.  The theme for World Food Day 2022, as given by FAO, is Leave NO ONE behind.

The world today faces two significant problems.  One is the issue of providing a healthy diet which affects both the rich and the poor, causing lifestyle issues such as obesity and diabetes.  On the other hand, there is the hunger issue leading to malnutrition, death, and abnormal growth in children.

SARVAM conducted discussions on the problems of access and availability of nutritious food to all.  Multiple challenges include the COVID-19 pandemic, conflicts, climatic change, inequality, rising prices and international tensions.

The availability of healthy food for all will be the women's self-help group's objective.  Spreading the message on the importance of nutritious food will be the objective of the students' wing.

Children performed small skits, and role plays on food.

At the programme's conclusion, all the participants understood that everyone should have access to nutritious food everywhere.