Hon'ble Minister for Agriculture visits Natural and Conscious Farm @ Pondicherry Prison

Start Date:17-Oct-2022

End Date:17-Oct-2022

Location:Pondicherry Prison, Kalapet

Institute:Prison Reformation

Thiru. C. Djeacoumar, Hon'ble Minister for Agriculture, Puducherry, visited Pondicherry Prison to see the Natural and Conscious Farm activities that Sri Aurobindo Society carries on the prison premises. 

It has been more than a year since this project began at the prison.

The prisoners have been actively participating in this project right from its inception.  The prisoners are paid for working in the natural and conscious farms.  Their wages are deposited in the bank, which is used for the benefit of the families of the prisoners.  Their wages are used for educating their children, taking care of any medical emergencies, and sometimes even for the marriage expenses of their offspring.

This project has brought out a positive outcome in the prisoners' attitude, which was clearly seen by Thiru C. Djeacoumar yesterday during his visit to the prison.

The Kalapet Constituency MLA Thiru PML Kalyanasundaram accompanied the minister yesterday during his visit to the prison.  The IGP Prisons, Ravideep Singh Chahar and other senior prison authorities were present during his visit.  Ms Mamta Prem of Sri Aurobindo Society was also present.

 Thiru C. Djeacoumar praised the Sri Aurobindo Society for its activities in the prisons.  He further requested SAS to set up such farms in Pondicherry's villages.  He ensured that the Directorate of Agriculture, Govt of Puducherry, would help to set up these farms.  This is indeed an honour and recognition for the work done by Society.