Kaushalam - Integral Leadership Training Programme

Start Date:07-Oct-2022

End Date:08-Oct-2022



Training Program

Sri Aurobindo Society conducted the first Integral leadership program for the 30 senior Doctors and senior staff of Aravind Eye hospitals PAN India. This was the first program under our New Vertical AuroLeadership The first session was conducted by Mr. Rajan Kaicker on 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and the second session was conducted by Mr. Pradeep Prem on Conscious Leadership.


Each Victory gained over oneself means new strength to gain more victories... Sri Aurobindo

Elated, Evolved, Excited, Energized, Encouraged with Equanimity were all the Doctors at the Valedictory function of 2 days Leadership Training. All of them shared their experiences and learning outcomes. Thanks to the Divine Mother for making this first Program of AuroLeadership a Grand Success with revenue generation.

Therapeutic Drumming Session

AuroLeadership explored body wisdom through Therapeutic drumming session which also engaged the right and left brain together. The team work was another skill developed through this session for Conscious Leadership training. Amazing results and feedback from all the Doctors.