All India Youth Camp 2023—Invitation

Start Date:04-Jan-2023

End Date:12-Jan-2023

Location:Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry & Sharanam Community Centre


All INDIA YOUTH CAMP 2023 ~ INVITATION, held from 4 to 12 Jan. 2023, was an experience, an adventure into the inner worlds and an opportunity to explore the hidden gems that awaited us with open arms, for the 33 young aspirants from all over the nation at the premises of Sri Aurobindo Society: at Sharanam Community Centre and the Society House.

We the youth never cease to explore the world outside. But there is a need to address the spaces within us, within our minds and hearts and dreams and aspirations. We must address these spaces, if we are to do anything of value in the outside world. This was initiated through a series of dynamic activities, deepening sessions and open discussions. The participants woke up early every morning and then followed the vibrant and diverse range of sessions and activities that boosted them during the camp which resulted in opening up a whole new experience of seeing, feeling and experiencing things differently.

AuroYouth, the youth wing of Sri Aurobindo Society, has been hosting these camps annually for youth between 18 and 28 for the last 36 years, in an effort to ignite the spark for growth and progress, in the light of the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. These young people were brought together to discover and explore their deeper potentialities and capabilities and also to find their place and aim in life, in a united collective aspiration.

Here is a glimpse of the Camp.