We can Heal Ourselves

Start Date:04-Jan-2023

End Date:06-Jan-2023

Location:Live and Online


‘We Can Heal Ourselves’, the eighteen-session programme, was conducted from 4th to 6th January 2023, under the aegis of NAMAH - the Journal of Integral Health. At the Conference, eighteen facilitators addressed the assembly, all aspiring for integral healing in alignment with the Divine, with Perfection, Health and Beauty.

The programme commenced with Dr Falguni Jani highlighting acceptance as key on our healing journey. We should take every situation, every challenge as a gift, as an opportunity to ripen and evolve. When we face difficult and unpleasant situations with this attitude of patience and endurance, we embark upon the path of growth and evolution.

‘Progress to Healing’, James Anderson’s experiential session, focused that progress in Yoga is synonymous with healing. The first movement in Yoga thus has to be to orient our awareness to the inside.  Once we are able to orient our consciousness to the inside, a whole new way of being opens up for us.

Dr. Rammanohar in his presentation ‘Health Intelligence: an Ayurvedic Perspective’ brought forth the significance of cultivating Arogya Buddhi. Arogya Buddhi is this intelligence in life to protect itself. One of the goals of Ayurveda is to empower each individual by cultivating a state of harmony within and without, and thereby developing health intelligence.

Puneeta Puri, in her session, elaborated on the connection between Inner Work and Healing. Inner Work and healing are the two sides of the same coin. As we consciously partner with the Divine Forces, we spontaneously heal and release. For true healing to happen we need to become receptive to the Force of the Divine to work upon us. This receptivity comes about when we embark upon and progress on our journey of Inner Work.

‘Regenerative Lifestyle’, Manoj Pavithran’s talk, focused upon the twenty-four hours cycle of our daily life. It is during this cycle that generation or degeneration takes place. It depends on how well designed this wheel of life is. It is on this wheel that all our activities are organised and run on auto-pilot by our physical, vital and mental habits. The key is to have the wheel of dincharya moving in a healthy way.

Dr. Yogesh Mohan gave the attendees a taste of ‘Consciousness as Medicine’ through his interactive experiential session. Consciousness is the primary therapy for healing and all the other systems of medicine are secondary and would support the healing-process. Cellular healing is the primary mode of healing and it is facilitated by our consciousness. For this to happen, we need to establish a different relationship with our body, one based on trust of its intuitive intelligence. We must listen to it and respond. This is the integral approach to healing. 

Dr. Alok Pandey’s talk focused on the significance of opening to Divine Grace. Forming a bond with the Divine through health or illness, through the day and the night, through pain and suffering as well as joy through the process of gratitude, faith and surrender. Each experience must be taken as an opportunity to grow our bond with the Divine.

‘Inner Sanctity’, the session by Dr. Monica Gulati, highlighted that our heart and body are our temple and we must keep them clean and remove any garbage that may accumulate there. We need to awaken our inner intelligence and make use of it. We have to become conscious of our patterns of thinking, believing, feeling and acting and thereby ensure that our temple is infused with positivity.

Nitasha Sharma highlighted the importance of shifting our perspective to bring about a change in our experience. We need healing from suffering. We want to experience joy, bliss and harmony. Healing in this sense is a journey from suffering to harmony. This is the journey of Yoga.

Amitabh Bhatia, in his experiential session, asserted that healing is the responsibility of our own self, and with this onus we incorporate the doctor and various healing modalities into our healing journey. We are accountable for our healing process and only when we take an active role does our healing journey progress.

‘Bringing Healing Within the Substance of our Body’, Arul Dev’s session was an experiential exploration into working with the substance and matter of the physical body to bring about healing.

Radhe, in her talk, highlighted that health of the body is a prerequisite for spiritual progress, for the body is an instrument for Spirit – a necessary vehicle for self-realisation. The well-being of the body is crucial for the eventual psychic materialisation – the manifestation of Divine Life in divine body.

Aditi Kaul, in her session, brought forth that the need for healing essentially reflects a void – a hurt, in the realm of the mental and the vital, requiring attention. It is only by bringing our awareness to our own selves that we can identify the void/ gap in our consciousness.

‘Homoeopathy for Healing’, the talk by Dr. Uttareshwar Pachegaonkar asserted that illness is the action of subversive forces. The body possesses the awareness to recognise these forces, understand their mode of operation and create a mechanism to combat them. Thus, awareness is health and delusion ae disease.

Dr. Subhashree Savadamuthu, in her talk, highlighted that real healing happens only when the disharmony at the deeper level is corrected by the influence of Divine consciousness. Life itself shows the solutions to our problems, provided that we are awake and alert to what it is showing to us.

Dr. Abhijit Lincon’s session focused upon progressive harmony, not being a static reconciliation, but a moving dynamic state of being. Health is an expression of harmony in physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspect of the being. These parts of our being are not static. They are influenced by different kinds of forces. Harmony is a state where each part has a Divine role to play in the whole – thereby having a perfect balance.

‘Empower Your Health with Conscious Breath’, Sigrid Lindemann‘s session focused on breathwork as being an essential component of healing.

In the final session, Dr. Soumitra Basu presented the integral concept of health. The model of Integral health is based on consciousness at its centre. Consciousness is a metaphysical concept that provides the very foundation for Integral Psychology and health.

The sessions were beautifully received by about 30 attendees, of which 15 were present in person, who participated with unparalleled levels of eagerness to learn, absorb, heal and transform. The programme was a beautiful insight into the journey which each one is taking from ignorance to our True Self. No matter how far we wander in our ignorance, no matter how many wounds we think we incur along the way, no one can take away our true destiny, our birthright, this Godhead within. Whenever we are ready, we can reclaim it and embark on a new adventure, an adventure of healing, an adventure of self-mastery over our entire being.


“Life changing.”

“Very enlightening talks by the speakers.”

“The offline event was very effective.”

“There were takeaways from all the sessions.”

“It was enriching and thought-provoking for me.”

“It was an enriching and enlightening experience. The speakers were authentic, experienced and had a practical approach towards illness and health. It has given me a fresh, new perspective about health and overall life.”

“Online sessions were not an issue. But I certainly prefer offline over online.”

“All the sessions were unique and useful.”

“Lots of insights and experiences covering a vast range of subjects about health and consciousness.”

“Really got to meet a lot of brilliant people with similar mindsets. It was a brilliant learning. Grateful for this Opportunity.”

“Speakers were so varied, but all had gems of wisdom to offer!”

“Just make it all live. We can already attend online events.”

“I would love to have it all offline. However, I Understand the online option allows uS he space to reach out to audiences far away. Yes, it mixed well.”

“It was great to meet and hear different speakers of various backgrounds who gave practical tips that can be applied in everyday life.”

“Yes, very well organised by forming the group, announcements. Breaks were given appropriately to digest messages and be prepared for the next sessions.”

“Presentations in the Mother’s Presence with the nature and ocean was a pure bliss.”

“It helped me progress in my journey. It has uplifted my consciousness; what more can I ask for? Deepest gratitude.”

“Everything was precise. The organizing team was considerate, prompt and helpful. Well done and kudos for making this experience enjoyable.”

“All the sessions were audible and clear.”

(Food and refreshments) “Absolutely. They were generous in portions and delicious in taste.”

“Cannot wait to attend another live event.”