Awareness program on Eat Right & Eat Fortified

Start Date:23-Sep-2022

End Date:23-Sep-2022

Location:Hotel Atithi


Eating right is an integral part of preventive health care. The 'Eat Right India' Movement by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a movement to help community members Eating Right. Under this movement, an awareness program on Eat right and Eat fortified has been conducted by FSSAI in Pondicherry at Atithi hotel.

More than 200 participants with a food business background or intending to get one participated in this program, including 25 Sarvam coordinators. Sarvam is also committed to promoting nutrition within the community, so following the invitation from the food safety officer, 25 volunteers and coordinators participated to gain information.

The awareness program focused on- 'Eat Healthy' and 'Eat Safe'. It delivered clear and simple messages on foods to eat (balanced diet, fortified foods, nutrition food) and foods to avoid (high fat, sugar and salt foods) and eliminating trans fats from our diets. It also focused crucial components on eating safe, which deals with maintaining hygiene (personal and environmental) food safety and sanitation, and combating food adulteration.

Additionally, they explained how food makers add micronutrients to their products during production. These chemicals do not impart noticeable taste, texture, or smell to food, leading to people being unaware and experiencing health problems.

As such, they have advised checking the F+, manufacturing date, expiration date, and ingredients. Moreover, the trainer mentioned that fortified foods improved the nutritional value and improved health and indicated that the '+F' logo indicates fortified foods.

As well as discussing how to address malnutrition and iron deficiency among children and which foods can assist in preventing it, they also discussed remedies for malnutrition and iron deficiency.

In addition to the quiz program, the organizers provided nutritious snacks and healthy food to the participants during the program.

In addition to gaining a new understanding of fortified and nutritional foods, SARVAM Coordinators and volunteers felt much more confident about sharing these things with other communities.