Observing World Peace Day at the SARVAM villages

Start Date:20-Sep-2022

End Date:24-Sep-2022

Location:Villages around Poothurai


Each year the International Day of Peace is observed worldwide on 21 September.  All of us wish for a place where all are equals, regardless of race, which is essential to achieve true peace.  Moreover, true peace does not merely mean laying down arms and ammunition.

SARVAM organised an awareness programme for the students and women of the villages under its purview.  The main objective of this programme was to help the students and women understand that they have a significant role in creating peace in their families and society.  The participants were delighted to attend this session, which gave them much motivation and new thoughts on peace.

The International Day of Peace was observed from 20th to 24th September 2022 in Sarvam villages.  We have noted that the theme of this year, as outlined by the United Nations, is ‘End Racism.  Build Peace'.

All the participants understood the significance of observing World Peace Day, which is more important at this particular time.

Participants were asked to discuss the different methods that would help in the line of peace in their villages.  All the students and women sat with their group members and came out with their ideas for doing events without conflict and with absolute peace.  All the students were motivated to study well and get good quality education which is the best way to bring new ideas for world peace.

The stories motivated the participants, and they vowed to make peace in all circumstances.  By the end of the session, the participants understood how real peace would bring about positive changes to society and the neighbourhoods.

Towards the end of the session, all the participants swore that they would play a significant role in creating peace not just in their families but also in their villages and India.