Find Happiness in Everyday Life

Start Date:25-Aug-2022

End Date:30-Aug-2022

Location:Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai


It is now a central research area of social sciences, including mainstream economics, to investigate life satisfaction and happiness. AuroSakhis & Coordinators are working with all age groups of village people, including children and the aged. Taking this into account, Sarvam conducted a three-day ToT workshop on finding happiness in everyday life for 25 AuroSakhis & Coordinators.

The trainer started the session with a question & answer session on happiness. The fact that different things contribute to happiness for each individual was exciting.

The trainer explained that in the real world, happiness does not depend on luck; it is a choice one makes for oneself. Furthermore, he noted that anyone could be happy in any situation; even those with plenty of money are unhappy because they choose to be unhappy. The trainer explained that happiness comes from loving and caring. He also defined happiness as long-term well-being, peace and contentment in life.

As he told stories and acted out activities, he highlighted that nothing could stand in the way of happiness if the individual chose it. Moreover, he also explained that everyone deserves to be happy in this world, no matter their financial or physical status, and pointed out that It is only up to them.

The trainer explained how being happy in all circumstances is a kind of practice and emphasized the following things that should be practiced daily to be happy. 

  • Think about yourself,
  • Learn to forgive, 
  • Sleep well and meditate,
  • Create a happy environment, 
  • Let us love everyone, 
  • Say thank you, 
  • Change what you do,
  • Make others happy, 
  • Do not waste opportunities, 
  • Face the obstacles etc. 

Apart from art therapy, the trainer conducted group discussions, question and answer sessions, stories, presentations on the theme, and indoor & outdoor activities during the workshop. In addition, the trainer suggested that doing garden work and maintaining a kitchen garden was one of the best ways to be happy.

All the participants were delighted and grateful for their gratitude since this type of training was their first experience.

Mother’s quotes on happiness were read out, and each participant explained how it helped them to improve their quality of life.

Afterwards, the workshop concluded with gratitude to Mother.