Truth & Healing

Start Date:08-Jul-2022

End Date:20-Jul-2022



Truth and Healing, an eleven-day interactive and experiential programme ran between the 8th  and 20th August 2022 and was organised by NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health. About 30 people from different parts of the world enrolled for this event

This vast topic of Truth and Healing was broken down into eleven different aspects. It was an enlightening and empowering experience for the participants. Each speaker was able to connect their theme with The Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s words and discussed the central points and shared some practical tips/exercises that we can implement in our daily lives.

For knowledge, when it goes to the root of our troubles, has in itself a marvellous healing-power as it were.” (CWSA). The talk on the Healing Power of Knowledge started by setting the context of healing in today’s world. The Mother talked about how our “humanity has reached such a generalised state of tension” as a direct consequence of the Supramental Force entering into Matter itself. Matter’s resistance to this Force is what is causing the disorder. We must align with the Divine Forces behind this transformation and surrender to their transformative power. We can become aware of the tension between the Light and the resistant forces within us that influence our lives, go deep into the resistance by identification, and be open to the Divine Force to transform it.

Wrong perceptions cause unhealthy behaviours that result in diseases/disorders. We need to establish ourselves to a higher state where Truth reveals to us that heals – awakening the Satya Buddhi within us. Whilst the topic of health is important, we must realise that health is impermanent. We are a conscious existence beyond all that changes, and gets destroyed –- physical healing is merely a preparation for spiritual healing.

We can use the light/awareness within that discern the falsehood within us, and plunge into the Divine Consciousness without the need to correct our falsehood with our limited selves. The only true healing is when we unite with the Divine.

“The will to find a new, higher, progressive solution, an effort to rise towards a vaster, more comprehensive perfection.”(The Mother). With the Supramental force pushing us up causing confusion and chaos, we need to look honestly and sincerely without judgement. We need to call on the Mother’s guidance, and learn to discern whether it is a desire of the vital/ego or of the soul. We need to know that we are all one “me” and that our sadhana affects the entire world.

We had a guided transformative exercise to connect deep into the body, expanding our connection with the subtle physical and receiving the Divine energy coming from above to penetrate into the physical for healing. “It is Faith that cures”, to know that Grace is always there. As Sri Aurobindo reiterates, “An unfailing aspiration from below and the Grace from above” [The Mother].

We need a strong will to become silent, and become aware of though not identify with the disequilibrium and hold it with love and offer it for its transformation for the collective healing. We were inspired us to see diseases/disorders as a beautiful entry-point that can bring us closer to who we are and to the Divine within us. One session ended with a guided experiential session that left us without words and drenched in peaceful connection.

To be healthy, it is vital to align with Divine by developing right goals that can occupy us over many lives rather than transient goals, understanding Truth Self, and the True Purpose of life.

We had further practical exercises of to remember & offer, and practised unifying our beings to align with the Truth for healing. Last of all, we should not be afraid of death but can work on the evolution of our consciousness by developing our Psychic Being and our psychic memory, and by surrendering to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

This 11-day of wide exploration of Truth and Healing brought us so much clarity and strength in our journey as human beings. There was a sustained connection and interaction between the facilitators and participants. Many people were uplifted by the sessions. We offer our gratitude to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.