16-hour training programme for anganwadi teachers

Start Date:04-Jul-2022

End Date:14-Jul-2022

Location:Society House, Pondicherry


Sanjeevan, the Palliative Care Wing of Sri Aurobindo Society, regularly conducts training for volunteers interested in Palliative Care.

This time the training was conducted for 87 Anganwadi teachers in batches of 4. The training began on 4th July and lasted till 14th July 2022.

All four sessions started with the inaugural speech of Vetri Selvan, the chief coordinator of Sanjeevan.

The topics of the palliative care training were:

  • What is palliative care?
  • The purpose of the Palliative Care Workbook
  • Nursing issues faced during palliative care
  • Physical problems the patients have undergone¬†
  • Proposed model sensitisation
  • How to handle grief and bereavement?
  • Community participation in palliative care
  • Communication skills for volunteers
  • How to handle social, economic, and emotional issues?
  • Role of spirituality in palliative care

The members of the Sanjeevan team handled all the sessions. It is remarkable that these members also work closely with palliative care patients.  

The 87 anganwadi teachers were divided into batches of 4, and each batch had a 2-day training session. The participants were engaged in role plays and team discussions, which added to the flavour of the training. They came out with good ideas on problem-solving, balancing the social and emotional conditions of the patients and taking palliative care to the next level.

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