Consciousness approach to Management and Reversal of Type–2 Diabetes

Start Date:06-Jul-2022

End Date:08-Jul-2022



Organised by NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health, this online programme was held with an aspiration to facilitate the journey of management and reversal of type-2 Diabetes and establish health and harmony by truly understanding and applying a consciousness-based approach in our daily routine. About 25 people registered for the event.

On the first day, the foundation for healing was laid very lovingly by consciously shifting the participants’ relationship with their body. The key idea that ‘we have to have a very intimate relationship with each organ, just like loving a child for its own sake’, was truly eye-opening. It gave a newfound love and sense of responsibility in taking care of the body, to the extent of understanding even exercises that are hurtful, even if done for the betterment of health, are to be avoided. The speaker had wonderfully held space for the Presence to guide the process of relaxation and to consciously connect with each organ and take an affirmation that they are deeply loved and cared for.

On the second day, the most comprehensive daily routine was shared with insights and significance of each step. Meditation, Connecting to the sun and absorbing prana, Connecting to the earth, pranic exercises, Solar water, High pranic meal-plan, Sleeping with a higher state of consciousness were the steps explained thoroughly by the facilitator in context to the questions and challenges held by the participants. Practical suggestions, to consult with the diabetologist during the practice of the routine to monitor the required dose and to strictly avoid a list of foods that are not healing in nature, helped in establishing clarity in the practical aspect.

On the third day, as a continuum of the sources of energy being discussed, a great insight of deriving energy from prana was demonstrated through practical pranic exercises. To observe how consciously breathing in prana through the muscles and chakras, instantly brought in a sense of lightness and well-being that was truly magical. A deep relaxation, followed by re-connecting with Mother Earth and surrendering all mental and physical pain, was immensely healing and a sense of being relieved ensued. Finally, as the most important step in healing, Dr. Yogesh very consciously held space and invoked the Divine Grace and a series of steps to surrender the physical body, mind and ego as an offering, which truly revealed the loving Presence in its full glory.


“All practical guidance given by Dr. Yogesh has a healing effect in itself.”

“Dr Yogesh holds a very deep presence and his surrender and sense of self-giving is truly inspiring. The workshop was a definite step in inner transformation for me, which is now revealing itself to be the foundation for all outer healing.”