AuroYouth Regional Workshop for Karnataka State

Start Date:24-Jun-2022

End Date:26-Jun-2022

Location:Sri Aurobindo Complex, J.P. Nagar, Bangalore


As part of the celebration of 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo, Sri Aurobindo Society – Bengaluru Branch organised an AuroYouth Regional Workshop for the AuroYouth trainees in the State of Karnataka, from 24 to 26 June 2022. The workshop was conducted by Sri Shivakumar, Sri Srinivas Mulugu and Ms Sneha Kondapally of AuroYouth, at the Sri Aurobindo Complex, J.P. Nagar, Bangalore. 24 Trainees from the different parts of Karnataka attended the workshop.

On 24th June 2022, the workshop started after lunch at 2 pm with the lighting the lamp. The AuroYouth Faculties Sri Shivakumar, Sri Srinivas Mulugu and Ms Sneha Kondapally were introduced to the trainee-participants. Srinivas introduced the vision of AuroYouth which is a “launching platform to enable the youth to prepare for the new dawns of future—an adventure into the realms of consciousness”.

All the trainees were provided with a comprehensively prepared ‘Trainer Handbook’ and the book ‘A Call to the Youth of India’ (a compilation from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother). Srinivas Mulugu introduced the contents of the 1-day AuroYouth Youth Camp (AYYC). Then, the topic ‘Aim of Life’ was explained and discussed by Shivakumar. Through a game, the participants introduced each other. In the evening, yogasanas were taught by Sneha Kondapally.

On 25th June 2022, all the participants and faculties were assembled at 9 AM. A series of ‘Values for Success’ starting with the values Courage, Generosity and Gratitude was introduced by Sneha. A Guided Meditation was given to participants by Srinivas. Shivakumar threw light on the topic ‘Inner Awareness’. Questions and answers were exchanged with the participants on all the topics covered.

Post lunch, participatory activities on Rhythm and enhancing listening skill were demonstrated by Shivakumar and Sneha. Srinivas discussed on how Sri Aurobindo and Sri Aurobindo Society are to be introduced to the youth. Bharat, Puneet Nagajyothi, Pratibha and Shri Ajith Sabnis (Chairperson of Sri Aurobindo Complex) shared their views in the panel discussion on the topic ‘Youth Work at SAS Centres’. Sneha enlightened the participants further on the series of values by taking up Sincerity, Progress and Perseverance. The day’s activities ended with the practice of Yogasanas.

On 26th June 2022, all of the participants gathered at 9 AM. Sneha exposed a lot of Reading Material on Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Their Yoga, to the participants. The participants then were inspired by the discussion on the topic ‘Balancing Work, Life and Sadhana’. A Guided Meditation session was conducted by Sneha. Collecting AYYC Feedback, Managing Expenses and Reporting Process was beautifully explained by Srinivas. Panel discussion by Aditya, Vaishali, Pratibha, Shashidhar on the topic ‘How to introduce Sri Aurobindo and The Mother to Youth’ opened new ways to all of the trainees.

During the post lunch session, a discussion on ‘Reaching out to Devotee Families in Karnataka’ was held. The workshop concluded with the feedback by the participants and a commitment to conduct the AuroYouth 1-day camps and other AuroYouth activities throughout the State of Karnataka.

All the AuroYouth trainees were inspired by the workshop and everyone enjoyed the whole educative process. They pledged to conduct youth workshops and activities in their respective regions. Overall, they expressed their wish to have such workshops in future, to acquire and enhance more and more beneficial skills and organisational help to conduct more programmes for the youth.