Workshop on ‘Rajarshi Leadership’ February 2017

Start Date:20-Feb-2017

End Date:20-Feb-2017

Location:Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry


The one unambiguous and unanimous lesson from India’s tryst with spirituality is to first to discover the Divine within, and then to manifest every field of life—corporate, social and personal. This common mandate is woven into all the roles and functions humanity and society should perform—in principle. The foundation of spirituality in all aspects of human life is gradually been gaining global acceptance. Rajarshi Leadership is based on the ancient Indian concept where leadership becomes transformative when it harmonizes the command and dynamism of an emperor with the detachment and wisdom of a sage.

The journey of a Rajarshi Leader begins with the ‘self’—‘Swarat’—or self-mastery being the key to true ‘Samrajya’ or world-governance. 

This 3-hour experiential workshop intended to explore and then understand the relevance and the possible means of becoming a Rajarshi Leader through a dynamic self-introspection and a subsequent widening of the self into an immersive oneness with the universe. This workshop also analyzed and ascertained how spirituality can stall degeneration in corporate life and encourage ethical and spiritually uplifting leadership roles.

A total of 16 participants from all parts of India and abroad attended the programme. They took actively immersed themselves in the workshop which was very interactive and experiential.


“I enjoyed the exchanges with fellow participants and the insightful comment of the various groups. I appreciate the calm and poise of the leaders of this program. I found most interesting was the Arthashastra as practices by Kautilya-Chandragupta.”—Ann Aravinda, Nice, France

“It was a very fine initiative to apply ancient principles on the present-day situations. This knowledge, these values are precious and timeless and it shows us that the future lies in working from the inside out. Our obstacles are not the proof that it does not work, quite the contrary.”—Hendrik Bouman, Nice, France

“The program was beyond my expectations…I become self-conscious…I liked everything your team that given us. Your enthusiasm changed us and educated us.”—Sarita K. Gaude, Goa

“The program was too good. The inner consciousness becomes more awakened to look at things around. I found most interesting the reference of Rajarshi in today’s world-order. I am going to include this model of leadership in my organization from the coming season.”—Nagendra Kumar Mallick, Odisha

“It was a beautiful program guiding us to go inwards. The Chanakya’s philosophy made simple and applicable in our day-to-day life in the current time. The way the program was conducted was very good, kept the interest alive throughout. Thank you.”—Beena Parekh, Maharashtra

“It was a very good program. It helped us to look at the situation from different view and how to act and to behave. It also helped us how to improve oneself, how to leave by the example so that you can guide others.”—Shivani Shroff, Maharashtra

“The program was very useful to understand and qualities to be developed to be a ‘TRUE LEADER’. Our views and reactions to ordinary situations in life may change based on our consciousness after a peaceful meditation.”—Perumal Rangaraj, Pondicherry

“Feels good to know more about Sri Aurobindo & The Mother’s philosophy relate to this subject. Such programme leads to know oneself better & better. It is really helpful and hopeful.”—Prabodh Doshi, Pondicherry

“The program was good and very interactive. I liked most the case study in real life situation.”—Pankaj Dutta, West Bengal