Tai Chi Chuan – The Inner way

Start Date:01-Jun-2023

End Date:31-Dec-2023

Location:Society House


Why not have this mastery? We SHOULD be masters of it. With consciousness, we should be able to be the masters of our bodies.

- The Mother

As a part of the 150th Birth Anniversary celebrations of Sri Aurobindo and the 75th Indepedence of India, AuroYajna is conducting Tai Chi Chuan classes for all those interested. Enroll and make use of this opportunity.

The work is essentially directed towards: Mastery of the body through breathing and muscular relaxation; improvement of movement through balance and coordination; Learning to mobilize Chi. First perceiving it, then guiding it in one’s body with the use of three factors: will, imagination and muscular activity.

The class will be a progressive one moving from, Beginners - Chi and Tai Chi basics to Tai Chi Chuan intensive. The teaching is quite compatible with some aspects of the ‘Integral Yoga’ of Sri Aurobindo.

New batch starting June 2023!

Two batches:

Beginners level:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 

Intermediate Level: 
Tuesday, Thursday

Time: 05:45 to 07:15 pm

34, Marvadi street, Kuruchikuppam,
Puducherry - 605012

On completing 4 satisfying months of earning, sharing and practicing Tai Chi Chuan,

On request, we now announce two separate batches for beginners and old students, respectively.  

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For enquires, please contact:

Mobile: +91 8056866627
Email: [email protected]

About the facilitator: 

Dr. L Binu Kumar is a theatre and traditional martial art practitioner.

Master degree and M. Phil in drama and Theater arts, Ph. D. thesis titled, "Roots of the Performing Art forms of Ancient Tamil Society '' from Pondicherry University.

Trained in Tai Chi Chuan under the guidance of Marco, who founded the, 'School of the Inner Way' in Auroville in 1990. This school teaches the Stevanovitch Method and is part of the Centre International Vlady Stévanivitch (artduchi.com)

Apart from this he is trained in various martial art forms such as Silambam, Nattu Adimurai and Kalarippayattu under various masters.

He has participated and worked in various national and international theater workshops and festivals, and has worked with eminent theatre personalities and groups all over the country.