Heal Your Body with the Contagion of a Vibration

Start Date:02-May-2022

End Date:07-May-2022



‘Heal Your Body with the Contagion of a Vibration’ was a guided exploration by Arul Dev in supporting the body to turn towards the true vibrations; identify and become one with the true vibrations; allow substitution of true vibrations in place of the vibrations of falsehood and distortions, within all layers of the body and learn to connect to the subtle body of the Master(s).

About 40, people registered for this online event.

The first session was an exploration into the ability of our body to turn towards the true vibration. Our body is like a sponge with a large accumulation of our stuff – our memories, our experiences. In addition to this, it is constantly absorbing stuff from the outside. As such, our cells take on the vibration of this constant accumulation. The need, then, is to turn our body away from this acquired vibration to the true vibration. The aim is to work on the body and instead of the body absorbing from the outside turn it upwards and inwards towards the Cave of the heart (psychic being) – the depth of itself, where there is a truer vibration.

The second session aimed at guiding the participants into the possibility of turning parts of the body or cells, which are constantly sensing pain to turn and sense something different. The session explored the possibility of healing by shifting awareness of the inner senses away from sensing pain to sensing of the pure substance at the depth and connecting with the Higher Consciousness.

The next session delved into the possibility that when the cells (being) are not turned onto themselves – entangled in the past, the story or the pain but are turned towards the Divine then there is no suffering. Arul guided the attendees to identify with the depth of the matter (subtle-physical) - the truer substance which is already in touch with the Divine, and then leave the awareness open to the Divine above. Further, Arul helped the participants go into the memory of the problem first originating in the body and opening it to the contagion of true vibration.

The fourth session was a still deeper exploration into how the cells can be relaxed in the ‘Bath of the Lord’. With the focus of the practice on the hand Arul guided the attendees into learning to relax the body and its cells.

The fifth session aimed at learning to drop down within density of the body accurately using vibration as a referral-point. The Mother calls pain as false sensations. Pain is the hunger of the cells seeking for the Light. The session explored the possibility of working on the pain area via the adjacent pain free areas and allowing healing to take place through contagion of vibration.

In the last session Arul guided the participants into the way in which we can connect with our Master at a subtle level. The session explored the possibility of condensing and concentrating matter to feel the quality within and the possibility of flowing through the density of our body in everyday life. Our senses and cells of the body are constantly sensing outward and we need to reverse this equation. The cells house something enormously precious. This reversal in the poise from being constantly outward seeking to a poise where the cells are sensing the above, or into the Cave of the heart, or sense a Master or sense into their own depth takes several years of practice. It takes time and practice for this reconfiguration to come about.