Sourcing Our Oneness 2022

Start Date:26-Mar-2022

End Date:06-Apr-2022

Location:Van Niwas, Nainital, Uttarakhand

Institute:Sri Aurobindo Society

Pictorial Report of the full camp

Facebook Album of the full camp

This year is a special occasion for all of us, as it is the 150th birth year of Sri Aurobindo. ‘Sourcing Our Oneness 2022’, a collaborative camp of the various centres embracing Sri Aurobindo’s and The Mother’s way of life and being, namely, Auroville, Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry, Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Delhi Branch, and a related centres, was held between 26th March to 6th April 2022 in Van Niwas for the first 11 days and then in Madhuban on 6th April 2022. There were 105 participants, including the facilitators and the organising teams. The participants came from various parts of the country, including Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Telangana, Assam, Odisha, Karnataka, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi.

The theme of the camp was Sri Aurobindo’s Five dreams. This time, there was more focus on the fourth dream of Sri Aurobindo – the spiritual gift of India to the world. Dr. Arati, Priti, and Shivakumar represented Sri Aurobindo Society and were part of the camp organising team.

Some of the key sessions covered were:

Working with Psychological Perfections through 12 Qualities

One’s Core Qualities & One’s Stand, Embodying Values, Deep Listening

Five Dreams of Sri Aurobindo

Working on the 4th Dream: India’s Gift to the World

Introduction to Integral Yoga

Wild ideas for the 150th year and forward

Dealing with Polarities

Awareness through the Body

The participants took the following Project works with the help of experienced facilitators:

Entering Stillness through Art and Poetry

Savitri with Art

Conscious Dance Movements

Exploring Music & Poetry

The regular activities of the camp included early morning yogic exercise, march past, group meditation, Savitri reading, work offering, trekking to the surrounding mountain peaks, and chanting.

The participants themselves captured the sessions. Photography was taken care of by Sujeet Kumar Maurya, and videography by Akruti Bhawsar. Rahul Sharma, the AuroYouth coordinator, maintained the communication channel of the WhatsApp group for the entire camp.

The camp concluded with a beautiful cultural offering and a collective invocation for the Grace to be with us all on this special occasion of the 150th birth year of Sri Aurobindo.