The Quest for Truth with Dr. Alok Pandey & James Anderson

Start Date:20-Apr-2022

End Date:23-Apr-2022



The Quest for Truth, an online series spread over 4 days and organised by NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health. About thirty people registered for the overall event. The series was conducted by Dr. Alok Pandey and James Anderson for alternate sessions and in unison, in the light of the Mother’s and Sri Aurobindo’s writings.

The aim was to understand what the Truth is, finding the Truth and living it in our day-to-day lives. The two topics – finding the Truth and living the Truth were explored in detail in terms of understanding it first and then the practical aspects of the same. Applying the learning in our practical lives, whether at home or work.

The first session by Dr. Alok Pandey focused on knowing what this truth is, how to find it as obviously before one can live it, one must know it. Without really knowing the truth our life doesn't carry a sense, purpose or direction. It is the very nature of the human mind to orient itself. One of the signs of humanity is that we raise questions. So with the tool of questioning our conditionings, beliefs, preferences, habits, one can peel the surface layers that veil this truth.

James Anderson, in the following session, complemented the first with a practical approach and practices that one can adopt to find one’s truth. The starting-point is the aspiration coupled with personal effort, also called tapasya. Emphasis was put on the need to keep growing and expanding our consciousness.  Only when we are familiar with our consciousness, when we can distinguish the various parts of it, with various states of it, we can have control over it. We have to always be aware where we are – in mental consciousness, vital or physical.

James touched upon three branches of Integral Yoga and each branch leads to the Truth. These three branches are Yoga of knowledge - Jnana Yoga, Yoga of works or action - Karma Yoga, Yoga of Love - Bhakti Yoga.

He also took the participants through the practical exercise of offering everything to the Fire within or to the Mother.

The third session by Dr. Alok Pandey was tied to the second one, especially with the Yoga of Works/Action or Karma yoga. If one can practice equanimity and nishkama karma (Yoga of Works) then one is likely to receive the direct impulsion of Truth.

Truth cannot be fixed either in terms of space nor in terms of time. Truth may change the very next moment because it's manifesting itself all the time. Expression of truth in creation is dharma. There is no other dharma except whatever helps in the manifestation of Truth. Therefore we have swadharma, in each individual the impulsion is unique and different.

The webinar was concluded by James Anderson with an experiential practice of the process of self-integration through the body as a channel of the Truth. Self-integration is something that works through harmony and the agent of harmony is consciousness. What your nature harmonises around is your psychic being.

James also touched upon the power of Mantra / Japa – repetition of the sacred name. It can change and control the physical mind – the creature of habit, and transmute the physical consciousness. Japa can be integrated with the breath, and can be synchronised with the breath. It is a beautiful practice for changing one’s obstinate patterns and habits by repetition of the Mother’s name or OM chanting.


“Reminder of what Truth is and how to seek it , feel it…”

“The reminders helped to stay centred as being back to busy schedules as ‘normal life’ returns, one can all too soon forget to just stop and take a few minutes to ask if one is just reacting to life or staying true to oneself. To discern where one connects with the truth of one’s being and which areas one does not and ask why ? The good thing is though that in even just mechanically remembering The Mother helps tremendously.”

“Please continue to deliver these exceptional sessions and workshops. I am so pleased to be able to attend and improve my sadhana. Thank you.”

“James, the inner journey of connection was  just wonderful. Your guidance was soothingly deepened to reach the depth.”