Motivation Program for the Digital Sakhis

Start Date:27-Dec-2021

End Date:27-Dec-2021

Location:Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai


SARVAM in association with LTFS has been implementing the Digital Financial Literacy project for the last three years since 2018. Nearly 100 Digital Sakhis are involved in disseminating this project to the villages. As this project will reach an end in the next three months, these 100 digital sakhis may not have an opportunity to work. They might have to be at home jobless or taking care of their household works.

Taking into account all these situations, sustainability training programmes are being provided to these 100 digital sakhis so that they will be able to get jobs. Job preparedness training, interview skills, and various other training related to getting jobs are given to these women and it is helping them to plan their sustainability.

On the other hand, SARVAM in coordination with the Rural Self Employment Training Institute and Indian Bank organised a motivational programme on financial-related job awareness for the 100 digital sakhis. One of their managers, Ms. Anitha, from Rural Self Employment Training Institute, Villupuram provided this awareness on various financial related jobs which can be done by the digital sakhis. Jobs such as business correspondence, NREG supervisor, computer and technology-related works were introduced to the digital sakhis and they were happy to know and learn about them. The ways to get these jobs and the process of applying for these jobs were also explained to all the digital sakhis in detail by Ms. Anitha.

She also informed the digital sakhis that loans will be provided to them if they are willing to involve in self-employment. This sustainability training provided by Rseti Manager instilled confidence amongst the digital sakhis and they all were positive enough to start a new career in the coming days.