Life Skill Education and Mindfulness session

Start Date:21-Dec-2021

End Date:21-Dec-2021

Location:East Coast Institute of Medical Sciences, Puducherry

Institute:Svarnim Puducherry

The college students were involved in various activities that helped to bring out their talents and also helped them fight against their apprehension, limitations, and mainly their shyness.  The students exhibited their emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc. that helped them come out of their shells and mold them into good humans.

The students enjoyed the session thoroughly with excitement, joy, and full-hearted participation.

The session was concluded with a mindfulness session which transformed them into a different experience altogether.

The feedback from the students was very promising and hence the team has decided to have such workshops in almost all the colleges of Puducherry. 

The head of the East Coast Institute of Medical Sciences at the end of the session said that “these types of sessions, in future, will help in having a sizeable portion of students who can handle any situation in a calm and composed manner. Thanks to Sri Aurobindo Society for conducting such sessions and we wish them to conduct such sessions regularly.”