Food kit distribution to 1000 families

Start Date:10-Dec-2021

End Date:20-Dec-2021



SARVAM along with HDFC initiated a COVID assistance program for the needy people in 40 villages. Creating awareness about COVID and the distribution of food kits were the core plans for this initiative.

SARVAM is working in more than 40 villages in the Villupuram District of Tamil Nadu. As a part of the program, destitute women, vulnerable, and aged people were identified in the first phase through the village coordinators.

At the end of the first phase, around 1000 families benefitted from food kits. Each kit was worth Rs. 1400/- and it contained rice, dhal, Atta, nutrition powder, sooji, turmeric powder, soaps, and masks. This food kit was very much useful to the villagers who were unable to buy their essentials.

The severity and spread of COVID-19 are increasing again. This is causing more trouble to the people in the villages and considering this, SARVAM has identified 1000 families to help from the 25 villages. Each food kit worth around Rs1400/- was distributed to the selected vulnerable families. SARVAM is sure that this will help them to sustain for a few more weeks.

In total, around 14 lakh rupees were spent in the first phase. The distribution of the food kit was done by the village coordinators. While distributing the kits, all the coordinators and people were advised to wear face masks and follow other safety protocols. Through this, SARVAM helped in creating and spreading awareness to the village people about safeguarding them from the virus attack.

So far around 1000 families have been provided with the food kits. All the 1000 people were very happy after receiving the food kits and they thanked SARVAM and Sri Aurobindo Society for their timely support.