US Consul General Visit to Pondicherry

Start Date:06-Dec-2021

End Date:06-Dec-2021



SARVAM, Sri Aurobindo Society has been implementing an English teaching programme called English Access Microscholarship Program in their project villages since 2013. Around 350 students have already graduated and currently 120 students are pursuing this programme. U.S. Consulate, Chennai is funding this programme and it is supported by RELO, New Delhi. 

Ms. Judith Ravin, Consul General U.S. Consulate General Chennai, made a courtesy visit to Puducherry on 6 December 2021 along with her office bearers and interacted with the Access students and Teachers in the residence of Mr. Vijay Bhai, Chairman of SARVAM, Sri Aurobindo Society.

Around 20 Access students and 2 Alumni students from various villages were invited to interact with the Consul General and with utmost enthusiasm, all the students and Ms. Judith interacted. Mr. Vijay Bhai introduced the gathering to the Consul General and she welcomed all the students happily.

The session started with the speech by the two alumni students who shared their success stories and spoke on how much the Access program helped them to be successful in their life. The Consul General was greatly impressed and congratulated both the alumni students for their speech.

Access students then performed a group song in front of all the delegates. A traditional American Song ‘ Oh Susanna ‘ was sung by the students and Ms. Judith enjoyed listening to this song and this took her back to her childhood memories.

Ms. Judith then asked how learning English will be helpful for them in their future. The students answered the question by telling that learning English through the Access Program will help them in getting good jobs and to be successful in their life. Ms. Judith was very happy and wished all the students that their dreams should come true and also said that they will support students to attain success.

As an important part of the Programme, certificates were distributed to all 4 batches of students. Two students from each batch came forward along with their teachers and received the certificates. Ms. Judith congratulated all the students and wished them all the best.

The programme came to an end by singing a Christmas song Feliz Navidad. The Consul General enjoyed the song and she also gave her Christmas wishes to everyone.

A group picture was taken with all the students, teachers, coordinators and the dignitaries.

The programme ended on a positive note.