Hygiene kit distribution to volunteers

Start Date:23-Nov-2021

End Date:26-Nov-2021

Location:Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai


SARVAM organized distribution of hygiene kits to 30 village women volunteers during this programme which was organized in association with HDFC.  This programme was organized to provide COVID-19 awareness to all the people in the surrounding villages.  Nearly, 30 volunteers were selected and they were trained on various topics on all 4 days by the expert nurses. The trained nurses will in turn train the people in villages.

In continuation to the training, a hygiene kit along with pamphlets that needs to be given to the people were given to all the 30 volunteers.  The hygiene kit consisted of sanitizer, masks, hand gloves, napkins, soap, towel, hand wash liquid, floor cleaner etc. The volunteers were explained the usage of all the materials by the expert trainers.

The world is still suffering from the attacks of the COVID-19 virus and there are many who are still getting affected. In this regard, these kits will be much useful for the 30 volunteers to go and create awareness to people in the villages and since these 30 volunteers are meeting people on a daily basis, the hygiene kits will also help them to be safe while providing awareness.

At the end of the training apart from the volunteers, the trainers also had a feeling of accomplishment as they were able to transfer their knowledge to the women volunteers who can travel far and wide in their villages and disseminate the knowledge they have gained.