Acupuncture and Acupressure Therapy Sessions

Start Date:30-Nov-2021

End Date:30-Nov-2021

Location:Society House, Pondicherry

Institute:Svarnim Puducherry

Sri Aurobindo Society in association with AcuHolistics Health India organized a 5-day Acupuncture and Acupressure therapy session for the Pondicherrians.

Dr. Pradip Gunwanta who has around 35 plus years of experience in Acupuncture led the team.  He was accompanied by Ms. Prajakta Deshmukh who has rich experience in acupressure therapy and Dr. Apurv Deshmukh and Dr. Shweta Shukla.

The team had handled nearly 200 patients in their 5-day visits.  The list of patients included chronically ill and those having some minor discomforts.

The acupuncture therapy worked miracles on some chronically-ill patients.

Acupuncture coupled with acupressure helped many patients to get relieved of their chronic pain.  The patients were assured that their benefits will be long-lasting if they follow a regular diet and proper exercise regimen.

As this programme was conducted on short notice, the message reached a few people and the response was very good.  Many have requested repeat visits of the team which has been agreed upon.

Feedback of some patients:

Mr. Prabhu Hebbali:  “I have been having trembling in my hands and legs for nearly 5 years.  After my first day of treatment, I found a change in trembling and after 3 continuous days of treatment, my trembling is completely gone. Earlier I was unable to hold a pen in my hands, but now I can hold a mic and speak in front of so many people. Thank you, Dr. Pradip and team.’

Ms. Mangai:  “I am working as a maid and I am unable to sit on the floor.  I have been suffering from stiffness of the neck also for quite a long time.  This needle therapy has solved my problem and now I am pain-free.”

Mr. Thiruvengadam: “I had been to many doctors for my lower back pain and none of them were able to find a solution for it.  This 5-day treatment has helped me overcome my pain and now I am to stand straight for a longer period of time.”