Exploring Past Lives

Start Date:18-Nov-2021

End Date:20-Nov-2021



The programme was organised by NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health from 18-20 November 2021. About 50 people registered for this event. The workshop aimed to explore the various facets of Integral Regression Therapy developed by Sigrid Lindemann a practitioner based in Auroville, with her background in the Works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Integral Regression Therapy integrates past-life therapy, inner child work, accidental trauma relief, and trauma therapy in intense personal sessions.  

The first day of the workshop introduced the purpose of the therapy as to re-assemble from the past to live more fully in the present and stay grounded. Also, how setting an intention in the beginning and a more question-focused approach with an inner calling to heal is the way to approach the sessions; the therapy is not meant for fun or curiosity. Sigrid further shared the acceptance of past-life phenomena worldwide with few exceptions and went on to share about the evolving soul and Atman, while reading quotes from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother on the subject. The session ended with a discussion on karmic (unresolved issue from the past) and dharmic (merits earned from the past) lives followed by a short meditation on exploring dharmic past lives. 

The second session began with a discussion on the meditation experience of the participants on the previous day followed by the importance and means of recognising one’s soul-calling with a calm and silent mind. Further, the journey of the evolving soul was discussed and how regression therapy works with the psychic being (evolving soul) as that is what connects our life to our past lives and explores the space between incarnations by focusing on the Atman. While addressing the questions by participants, Sigrid shared the presence of scientific evidence regarding the past-life approach as Western psychiatry has ways to verify the experiences of their patients. Another point of sharing was about death, being the ultimate shedding of the body and the most important point in therapy is the point of death in the past life. The session ended with a guided meditation.

The last session followed the same pattern of participants sharing their previous day meditation experience with the group at the beginning followed by Sigrid building on the importance of accepting the past to have energy for the future. The importance of a non-judgmental attitude and focus on going to the experience were shared as fundamentals for a session to address the issue and heal the person from pain and suffering. As the session progressed, death emerged again as a discussion point and ways to prepare for a good death were shared, essentially being centred around the psychic being with all the energies connected. Sigrid later shared about the various therapeutic approaches to address the past life and the benefits they entail. The session ended with reading quotes from the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and taking home the message that life is a brief episode in the long history of our spiritual evolution. 

This three-day exploration gave participants a glimpse into the world of process and possibilities of exploring past lives. The material shared by the speaker deepened their understanding of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s writing on the concept of past lives and the evolution of psychic beings in the process. Guided meditations took participants on an experiential journey and the collective sharing of their experience enhanced the group learning and enabled participants to understand their life journey and the need and importance of healing the past and being grounded in the present.  


Which aspects of the workshop did you find most interesting and helpful?

“The practical parts of the workshop and the regression examples. Also the connection with the inner work and how the human being  can develop a better understanding about the soul and the unity with the Divine.”


“The slides and Sigrid's experience were profound.”

“The experiential sessions.”

“Approach seemed to be totally relaxed and no rushing - very peaceful.”