Symbols & Dreams with Lopa Mukherjee

Start Date:13-Dec-2021

End Date:18-Dec-2021



About 30 people enrolled for this 6-day interactive and experiential programme, which marked another milestone in the further understanding of the fascinating realm of dreams. For those embarking on the path of Integral Yoga, there soon comes the realization that sleep and dreams very much represent “the night-school of sadhana” (the Mother’s own words) Symbols, in a very vivid way, are the language of dreams and the participants all greatly benefited from the Lopa’s gentle and insightful guidance in unravelling the mysteries of this very enigmatic, personal and very subjective subject. The workshop, conducted in a calm and therapeutic atmosphere, was yet another event Lopa has conducted for the Sri Aurobindo Society, a testament to her strong association with NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health.

Here are the impressions of Nyati Bhanja who attended this programme:   

“The six-day workshop on Symbols and Dreams organised by NAMAH was an enriching experience for me as a participant. It helped me decode and rationalise several symbolic dreams that have kept me intrigued for a long time. The facilitator, Ms Lopa Mukherjee was excellent in her discourses – the concepts were grounded on ancient Indian and Western literature and the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, offering a nuanced perspective on dreams and their symbolic language. The workshop showed possible ways to break through our inner shekels and conflicts through dream journeys. During the session, the exercises on visual meditation, active imagination, sample dream journey and decoding helped me immensely understand our dream-patterns. The workshop elaborately discussed different dream-styles and their cryptic hidden meanings.

Having laid the foundation of the dream world, we plunged into group dream exercises. The group journeys during the event were exciting as they threw us into an actual dreamer's shoes. The dreams were no more hypothetical but the real dream experiences of one of the participants. Being part of someone else’s dream was the most exciting segment of this workshop as it helped to decode, analyse and draw meaning from seemingly abstract and fragmented dreams. We learnt about some of the dream symbolism through such practical exercises. Finally, active imagination exercises through shamanic dream journeys further empowered our ability to analyse dreams from our own individual lenses and help each other as a group of dreamers.

Overall the experience of the workshop is very satisfying. I’m superlatively glad I enrolled for this workshop and look forward to being part of future events. Thanks to NAMAH for its tireless efforts and initiative in putting such beautiful events together for us. Thank you!”