Women entrepreneurs display their products at Chennai stalls

Start Date:01-Nov-2021

End Date:01-Nov-2021

Location:LTFS Office, Chennai


In the L&T headquarters at Chennai, a stall was put up for the village women to display their products for selling. This arrangement was done by L&T on 1st November 2021 and it was very useful for the women to sell their products and get more exposure out of them.

SARVAM is working in 60 villages in Tamil Nadu. These societal developmental works are being done in association with L&T FS in all the villages. SARVAM has arranged more motivation and awareness programmes for all the women which have resulted in positive results. Most of the women have now got trained in non-farming activities and are involved in livelihood activities successfully.

Even though the women are producing their products, all the women are not aware of marketing and they feel hesitant to move out of the village and sell their products. So far in their life, they have not got any opportunity to walk out of their village and do marketing or sell the products. So they are feeling shy to go out of their village. Because of this reason, most of their products are getting detained in the village itself and it is resulting in the loss of money. But SARVAM is taking the necessary initiatives to motivate the women to sell their products outside their village and slowly all the women are learning a lot about it.

Though these women are trying to sell their products outside, they have not put any stalls in any place and do not have any idea of stalls. But L&T FS provided them a wonderful opportunity to display their products in Chennai. Seven women (DS & WE) were selected to go to Chennai for displaying their products.

These people were selected because, after getting the experience of displaying their products in the stall and selling their products, these people will share their ideas and experiences with other women in the villages and it will be very much useful for all the women.

In the stall, all the products were displayed and many people started to buy their products, all of them got happy and started to gain confidence. We learned that quality is of the utmost importance given by customers than the cost of the products.

Though all the women learned many aspects like this, the most important aspect which they have learned through this stall is they have developed their confidence and have come out of fear. They are now confident that they can sell their products and can earn more profit when they go out of their village and market their products. This is the utmost outcome of this trip for all the women.

The important thing is all the payments were done by digital modes through QR Code.

All 7 women are very much thankful to L&T FS for providing the women a wonderful opportunity to display their products and sell them in Chennai at their headquarters.