Darshan Card - August 15, 2022

15th August 2022 is the 150th Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo and the 75th Anniversary of India’s Independence-the same day. On this day, a card was distributed in the Ashram containing a picture of Sri Aurobindo and a beautiful message of His work and India.

“The best homage that we 
can render to Sri Aurobindo 
on his centenary is to have a 
thirst for progress and to 
open all our being to the 
Divine Influence of which he 
is the Messenger upon the 
                         The Mother     

“A spiritual   ideal has always 
been the characteristic idea and
aspiration of India. But the 
progress of Time and the need 
of humanity demand a new
orientation and another form of 
that ideal….   Our ideal is not 
the spirituality that withdraws 
from life but the conquest of 
life by the power of the spirit. It 
is to accept the world as an 
effort of manifestation of the 
Divine, but also to transform 
humanity by a greater effort of 
manifestation than has yet been

                   Sri Aurobindo

You can download, for the purpose of printing, the foldable original Card here (PDF, 2.37 MB). For viewing, click here.