Darshan Card - November 17, 2021

The Mother left her physical body on 17th November in 1973. The Card distributed in the Ashram on 17th November this year, contains guidance from Sri Aurobindo for spiritual seekers on the one thing to do when one enters the path of Yoga.

“Once one has entered the path of Yoga, there is only one 
thing to do, to fix oneself in the resolution to go to the end 
whatever happens, whatever difficulties arise.  None really 
gets the fulfilment in Yoga by his own capacity – it is by the 
greater Force that stands over you that it will come - and it  
is the call, persistent through all vicissitudes, to that Force, 
by which the fulfilment will come.  Even when you cannot 
aspire actively, keep yourself turned to the Mother for the 
help to come - that is the one thing to do always.”

                                                                        Sri Aurobindo

You can download, for the purpose of printing, the foldable original Card here (PDF, 2.30 MB). For viewing, click here.