Darshan Card - August 15, 2021

15th August is the Birthday of Sri Aurobindo and of free India. On this day, a card was distributed in the Ashram containing a picture of Sri Aurobindo and a beautiful message on the importance of awakening to the Presence within.

          … if we learn to live within, we infallibly awaken 
          to  this  presence  within  us  which  is  our   more 
          real self,  a presence profound,  calm, joyous  and 
          puissant of  which the world is not the master—
          a  presence  which,  if  it  is  not the Lord Himself, 
          is the radiation of the Lord within….
             The  truth of  ourselves lies within  and  not on 
          the surface.
                                                            Sri Aurobindo 

You can download, for the purpose of printing, the foldable original Card here (PDF, 2.30 MB). For viewing, click here.