Darshan Card - April 24, 2021

24th April is the day of the Mother’s final arrival at Pondicherry in 1920.  It is celebrated in the Ashram as a Darshan day.

A card with a powerful message of The Mother was distributed in the Ashram on this occasion. It is very apt for the present times.

                                                 “The future of the 
                                       earth depends on a change of 

                               The only hope for the future is in a change
                              of man’s consciousness and the change is
                                                   bound to come.

                           But it is left to men to decide if they will colla-
                                borate for this change or if it will have to 
                                   be enforced upon them by the power
                                          of crashing circumstances. 

                                        So, wake up and collaborate!.” 

                                                     The Mother

You can download, for the purpose of printing, the foldable original Card here (PDF, 3.99 MB). For viewing, click here.