Digital and Social Media Internships at Sri Aurobindo Society


Sri Aurobindo Society has embarked on a digital journey to refresh and energize its digital presence via its website and social media, in order to leverage the digital medium to spread its messages wider, and to newer and younger audiences across the world and in India.

As part of this journey, several new digital initiatives are being explored and started, and also digital and social media is being imbued into existing initiatives that are being run. Guidance and oversight for these initiatives are being provided by an experienced digital marketing leader in a consultative capacity.


We welcome undergraduate and post-graduate students as well as young and experienced professionals to participate in this digital journey of the Sri Aurobindo Society, through undertaking internships of between 2 months and 6 months, at Pondicherry.

While some past experience in social media and digital marketing will be useful, even a strong passion for space and an active personal social media presence would be helpful. For experienced professionals, expertise in digital technology, website development, social media management, content development, blogging, digital graphic design, search marketing, and digital data and analytics would be useful.

Specific projects are available around the various initiatives underway and a project plan would be made depending on the duration of the internship and the nature of involvement/experience you would bring and like to have. You can look forward to a fulfilling internship in terms of the digital learning and experience you will gain.

You would also have an opportunity to work with one or more of the inspiring leaders of the Sri Aurobindo Society and be mentored during the internship by our digital consultant who would guide the projects at an overall level.

Multiple opportunities are available, and your interest and keenness to make a digital mark for the Sri Aurobindo Society are the main selection criteria. 

Contact person:

Email: [email protected]