Mental health project for Puducherry students with learning difficulties

Rupantar will now be training government school teachers in Puducherry to identify children with learning disabilities.

Published On: 19-Mar-2018

PUDUCHERRY: The Sri Aurobindo Society has launched a comprehensive mental health education project christened ‘Rupantar’ in the Union territory of Puducherry to train the teachers of the government schools to identify children with learning disabilities. The project also aims to empower parents and siblings to help children with learning disabilities.

The society has launched the project for the first time in south India. The society successfully launched the project in all districts of Uttar Pradesh, engaging more than four lakh teachers and 1.7 lakh schools. The project will eventually benefit more than two crore children of the state — of whom more than 70% are in rural areas.
“For the last decade or so, we have been on a quest for providing children with an equal opportunity for education. The Sri Aurobindo Society has introduced its comprehensive mental health education program for government schools in Puducherry. In South India, this project will be the first of its kind,” Sri Aurobindo Society chairman Pradeep Narang, said.
Narang said the main objective of the project was to establish an education system that is based on deeper human values and empower children to be life-long learners and fulfilled and happy beings. “Its approach is to harness the potential of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship to develop scalable, sustainable solutions focusing on refining the existing processes rather than creating altogether new systems,” he said.