Every child is special

In India, there are about 2.90 million Children with Special Needs (CWSNs). But most of these differently abled children do not have equal access to health care, education, and employment opportunities. We need to create an inclusive world in which we are able to live a life of health, comfort, and dignity.

AROHAN is our collaborative initiative with Satya Special School (Puducherry) and College of Education, University of Oregon (Eugene, USA), to provide care, cure, rehabilitation, and specialized services to children who are differently abled and guarantee holistic development. It is working to create a model of excellence of education for children with special needs, including a rural outreach programme.

Children with Special Needs

Sri Aurobindo Society has signed an MOU with Satya Special School, Puducherry to work at improving the quality of education for Children with Special Needs. A research program is being formulated on the effect of Multiple interventions (Yogasanas, Pranayama, Music Therapy, Homeopathy, and Chanting) on children.