Sourcing Our Oneness – OPEN DOORS

Start Date:03-Nov-2019

End Date:14-Nov-2019

Location:Nainital and Madhuban

Institute:Sri Aurobindo Society

Dear members and associates of Sri Aurobindo Society, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Aurovillians and Members of Auroville International, Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Delhi Branch, The Golden Chain Fraternity, World Union, Sri Aurobindo’s Action, Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR), Sri Aurobindo Association USA, and other organizations related to the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother,

The year 2022 will be the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo. In preparation of its celebration, this year’s Sourcing Our Oneness gathering will take place in Nainital and Madhuban, under the title “Open Doors”. It will be held in Nainital from 2:00pm on 3rd Nov. to 9:00am on 12th Nov. 2019, followed by an extended two-day programme in Madhuban from 12th to 14th Nov. 2019 which is optional.

Sri Aurobindo’s Five Dreams unite us in essence for the full manifestation of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s vision, holding together the different work approaches of our organizations. Through the ‘Sourcing Our Oneness’ events over the last few years, we have explored the application of Integral Yoga in our lives at the individual and collective levels.

This year, our intention is to bring a focus on the collaboration between our organizations, by “Opening Doors” and  sharing facilities and human resources. We would like to see how we can open a large field for youth to interact socially and practically and promote growth and interaction at all levels. As always, we will work together, mingling aspirants of all ages in a playful and collaborative atmosphere.

Both Van Nivas and Madhuban are blessed with Sri Aurobindo’s relics and provides access to silence and space to nurture inwardness. We will have an integral approach which will include sharing and interaction, body movement, workshops, yogasanas and pranayama, music and art, nature walks and treks in these beautiful surroundings.

Please note the following:

●        Travel to Campsite: Participants have to organize their own transport to Nainital. However, if participants are planning to travel from Delhi to Nainital on 3rd Nov. 2019, by the 6am train ‘New Delhi-Kathgodam Shatabdi Express’, then the trip from Delhi Ashram to the railway station and the further trip from Kathgodam railway station to Nainital can be coordinated by us and the cost shared by all travellers. A WhatsApp group will be created for this.

●        Stay at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch: On your way to Nainital and/or back, if you are planning to stay at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Delhi Branch, you will have to do an online booking at a concessional rate of Rs.750/day, towards accommodation & food. We will provide you the details for online booking, once you register.

●        In Nainital, accommodation and food is offered by Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Delhi Branch. Donations are welcome towards the organization and upkeep of the campus: we suggest an offering of Rs.4,000/- for the 9-day stay (3 to 12 Nov. 2019).

●        In Madhuban, in order to meet the accommodation & food expenses, Rs.2500/person will be charged for the 2-day stay (12 to 14 Nov. 2019, @Rs.1250/day. If you have any financial difficulty, please get in touch with us by email).

For participation request, please fill out this Google Form:  latest by 5th Oct. 2019. We will get back to you with our response within 3-4 days, with the formal Acceptance Letter. After this date, do check with us before applying.

For further enquiry, you may contact:

Dr Arati Sharma (E: [email protected] ; M: +91-9442708666) 
Shivakumar (E: [email protected] ; M: +91-9442625637)

Here are a few links to a glimpse of the first programme held at Nainital in 2016:

Photo album of the event: 
A Video documentary of the event (22 min.): 

A video on the second venue, Madhuban (15 min.):

For the Sourcing Our Oneness Team,
Dr Arati Sharma & Shivakumar, Sri Aurobindo Society